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Bed Extension Cupped Washers, Set of 2

If your Featherweight bed seems loose and floppy, these washers are for you! They come in a set of 2 washers; one for each side of the bed extension. These washers are only for the black and tan 221s. White extension tables are held on with pins and do not utilize the washers.

The Bed Extension Screws and the flat washers are not included. Please retain your screws and flat washers to use when replacing the cupped washers. The flat washer goes in the hole first, closest to the bed of the machine.  The cupped washer goes in next  with the cup facing away from the screw head  towards the machine. Once the screw is tightened the bed should raise and lower with resistance. Please be careful when removing the screws as they can be quite tight and hard to remove.