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Thread Cutter by Thread Cutterz- Featherweight Shop

Incredibly sharp, simple and well... cute for the Singer Featherweight!  Be sure to watch the video tutorial below, because we are super excited to debut the Featherweight Shop's edition of Thread Cutterz!  These are truly over and  above what the vintage original thread cutter can do.  Plus, we love how Thread Cutterz* perfectly captured the design elements of our beloved little sewing machine with the black and gold styling of the Singer Featherweight.   

SPECIFICATIONS:  Measures 7/8" wide by 7/16" tall, giving it a small, compact, and low profile design.  Extremely sharp blade is housed safely inside and cuts thread like a hot knife through butter!

TO ATTACH:  Simply peel the back paper and adhere the Featherweight Shop's Thread Cutterz to the lower front edge of the chrome faceplate.  Then, when sewing, pull your threads toward you for cutting thread in between piecing or use the front blade to trim thread as needed!