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About Us!
I grew up in a military family and started sewing at age 4 by my mother’s side. By age 14 I was making the majority of my clothes and home décor soon followed. Then life got in the way and my sewing machine went into the closet for years. Fast forward to 2004 and the bug hit again and turned into quilting. The shop I “lived” in was owned by an old Singer salesman who had an extensive collection of the cutest little sewing machines and my fascination with Featherweights began. My first one, Edna Mae, sat in the closet for 4 years before I got up the nerve to sew on it. I started taking classes from many well-known names in the Featherweight industry so I could take care of my collection of 221 Featherweights. Talking to others I decided to fill a void and start teaching maintenance classes in simple language that the everyday quilter could understand. Simply Featherweights was born. It has now expanded to vendor booths at quilt shows and now an online store! Thanks for visiting! Caryn.